11 Different Types of Painting That Every Artist Should Know 

Currently, there are many types of paint on the open market, and each of them has its own special characteristics. To use the right type of painting art, you should first know what each one does and then choose the correct paint for the correct type of job. Here we are going to tell you about some of the main types of paintings that can be found in the market and what they have to provide you. 

1# Oil Painting 

Oil painting is the best known and most common form of painting that has ever existed. Practiced by most artists. It is a method of painting with pigments that are mixed with a layer of drying oil like linseed oil, which was broadly used in the modern European era. 

2# Watercolor painting 

This is a process in which colors and water are mixed to produce a unique style of the painting art. Most of the watercolors are done on paper. The paintings can be prepared on other supports and on papyrus, plastics, bark paper, leather as well as wood. There are water-soluble colored pencils as well that can be used both wet and dry.  

3# Pastel Painting 

Pastel painting is an art form in which pastels are used to create a well-defined and attentive painting. The binder is a neutral, low-saturation shade in pastel colors. The surface of pastel paintings is often fragile and can be simply stained, its conservation requires protective measures like framing under glass. 

4# Acrylic Painting 

This is also a type of artwork in which acrylic colors are generally used that has the distinctive characteristic of drying quickly in the applied medium. It involves of pigments suspended in an acrylic polymer mixture. Paint is known to be soluble in water, but it is waterproof when it dries on the paper. 

5# Charcoal Drawing 

Charcoal is a dry art form prepared from superbly ground organic materials, which are held together by wax binder or a gum. Artists often use charcoal paints for their versatile properties. Provides a natural effect on art. They are generally used for fine and sharp detailed drawings, while still marking the user’s hand. 

6# Pencil Drawing 

Pencil Drawing is the art of building highly defined works of art using an instrument comprising of graphite encased in a cylindrical wooden chamber of varying degrees. Cylindrical graphite medium is used due to its competence and simplicity in executing different deeply thoughtful portraits, graphite having the aptitude to smudge on paper provides the most potential to the exaggeration method. 

7# Ink Painting 

Ink paints are prepared with a liquid that consists of dyes or pigments and is used to color a surface to make illustrations and works of art. The ink is used for drawing with a ballpoint pen or brush. The paintings feel magical when they are done. Ink painting has a rich texture in paintings that are worth it. 

8# Glass Painting 

Painting on glass is a modern art that has been acquired from the ancient art of stained glass painting which consisted of joining small pieces of colored glass. Glass paint looks attractive when any illumination passes or light through the transparent medium, the outcomes are just amazing. 

9# Fresco 

The cool style is for those who generally want paintings on their ceilings and walls. The fresco techniques consist of mixing the paints with water as well as applying them on a thin layer of wet plaster. It needs a medium to properly adhere to the wall.  

10# Spray Painting 

Aerosol paint comes out of the pressurized container when controlled with a valve. The part of the surface where a certain color needs to be applied is kept open, although the other parts are covered. This is ready so that the color does not spread to other parts of the painting. 

11# Digital Painting 

Digital painting is a form of digitized inventive artwork that is completed on computers to provide very similar effects as oil, acrylic, or watercolor paint. It can be simply done with grinding to give it a nice look. Digital painting does not need to worry about drying time. The painting is common as well as brings art to life. The concepts of art differ from person to person, depending on their considerations. Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Painting.

Painting is one of those creative endeavors that needs an individual to excavate the innermost considerations embedded in the mind. It is one of those creative fields that have enormous potential for innovation as well as versatility.