How to Read a Painting 


Painting-art is special and something which has mystified the world for decades. From classic painters such as Van Gogh to modern artists like Banksy, arts have been adorned. It continues to grow in popularity also but unfortunately, reading a painting is not easy to do. Viewers can love what they see but miss the entire meaning behind it. For those who don’t understand much about art, they can be left intimated by the painting and embarrassed they don’t grasp the concept.  Fortunately, there are ways to help you read a painting. So, how can you understand and read a painting? 

Take a Good Look and Absorb the Details of the Painting 

Art doesn’t have to be gorgeous to standout. It doesn’t have to be a painting of a beautiful meadow to have quality behind it. Painting-art can be good because of the amount of detail and effort put into it. So, you want to read a painting, well, look at it and see what the true subject of it is. Absorb the details – not just the subject matter or main focus of the painting but the entire picture. What do you see? What is the story behind it? Look at the subject matter, the use of colors, and the realism of the object.  

How the Painting Speaks To You 

Forget about what the artist is trying to capture, only they will know the true meaning behind a painting; however, it should speak to you. What does the painting say to you? What is your interpretation of the painting? That’s what you should be focusing on when it comes to reading painting-art because it’s your reflection of what the artist is trying to convey. It doesn’t have to be right or wrong, just your thoughts on the artwork. There will be symbols or objects that grab your attention so use them to understand what the painting is saying to you.  

Style and Reaction 

Think about the style used in the painting-art. There are many different styles; some offer a classical or traditional style, such as from the renaissance period. Modern artists often move away from classic scenes and are into bright and bold captions that are thought-provoking. Every artist has a style and should be appreciated. There will be artists that recreate every detail so vividly that it looks like a scene from real-life while others haven’t got that eye for detail. If you want to understand or read a painting, it’s essential to look and appreciate the artist’s style whether you like it or otherwise. Think about how the painting made you feel and your initial reaction.  

Appreciating the Arts 

Art is unique to every artist and every viewer. It’s fascinating just how much reactions a simple painting can provoke but that’s the point. Artists want a reaction; they want to see how viewers appreciate or interpret their subject. It’s strange but that’s the power of art. Reading and understanding a painting can be a totally unique experience for every individual. How you interpret painting-art may be different from others but you can appreciate it so much more. Read more about painting arts: