Promoting Peace Through Art

It is the right of every human being to breathe and live their life with freedom of expression and respect for religious preferences. As a member of a Nation and a society, it is the responsibility of each individual to respect each other in all possible ways.

For a free society to live in Peace and Harmony, respect for all races, respect for all religions without discrimination, is the path that each individual must travel to achieve world peace. It is the basic work to create balance in each free society.

The Power of the Arts

Why do we make our energies do things that can harm other humans? Why create acts against humanity through negative art and create violence in our universe? Art is very powerful and we use it not to promote harmony and peace, but to destroy them. Then, if we look more, we can say that art can and does. It affects the life of an individual. Why not use art in its positive perspective as God gives us? Why not use Art’s good power and heal the world?

This is what I think. I always try and give this message of peace through my music. Music has the power to provide a sense of inner peace and harmony in our being and in our world. As this inner feeling Peace grows, it is also reflected in our outer world. Peace is our world will not come until we find peace within ourselves. I always give this simple example: a knife in the hands of a murderer kills. A knife in the hands of a surgeon saves a life. Is not the Knife that is good or bad, it is its use. The same applies to art. If used in a good way, its effects elevate humanity.

Then I see Art as a synchronization tool for souls. Let us synchronize our souls with each other and work to make a peaceful world for the next generations. A world where the individuals of each religion are respected? Where the arts are not used in a negative way? Where there are no political, racial or religious boundaries. As artists, we have a great responsibility to use our art forms in a powerful and positive way to heal our world and object to any work of art that can cause emotional turmoil or violence in any way to any person. Let us all be artists united by peace.

Singer and Musician for Peace

I am a singer and musician dedicated to the promotion of peace through music and I believe that music has the power to promote the transformation of conflicts by improving nonviolence, creativity as well as empathy. I want to work together with artists from all over the world, for Love and Peace. My mission is to put my musical talents at the service of humanity and give a hand to those who suffer from injustice, with the purpose of empowering them with hope and energy. I want to use the universal language of music to communicate the beauty of humanity and promote positive peace.